[TowerTalk] Verticals

r miles greenacres113 at charter.net
Wed Apr 9 09:48:44 EDT 2014

A lot depends on what your useage is. If you  want to wrk.  mostly 1000 
mi. or less away stn.s put up a wire. Verticals have lower take off 
angles. The signal skips over the closer stn.s. We all could give 
examples of whether we like verticals or not. I've had 6 different 
verticals over the yr.s. Mono-band & trap verticals. Since I'm a DXer 
they almost always have wrkd better for me than a wire. A wire at 90' as 
going to work better than  most trap or mono verticals but few of us can 
put wire that high.
Verticals require a radial system.
Currently I have multiple towers with yagis on some HF bands. I have a 
HyTower for 40/80 & 160m. Actually the 160m is an L off the HT.Wire & 
vertical combo.
Being mostly a DXer if I could have only one antenna it would be a 
HyTower. The HT is a hybrid. Not a trapped vertical and not a monoband 
one either. If cost is very important, wire is less expensive than a 
commercial or homebrew vertical.
Again it's who you want to work that should be your guide. And your 
wallet too. Your mileage may vary of course.


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