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Thank you, Gary,

I have always wondered how surrounding (vertical) trees are affecting the radiation from a vertically radiating antenna. There are (probably) as many opinions about this (or many be more) than there are (active) radio hams.

Best 73 de,

Hans - N2JFS

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I have for the last 8 years had to use only vertical wires hung over 
trees (see in QRZ my "spud gun" that gets them up.) I have the 
required radial bed below but I have no options but to have my HI-Z 
triangular and the antennas erected in trees. Just last month I got a 
tribander mounted on the roof but the trees are still well above it 
in all directions. Thus far the only DX operation I've needed that 
I've never been able to hear was the VK9X. Not sure how much the 
trees affect signals coming in or out or is it the 350' of RG213 that 
causes the most loss. I don't have a great DX station but the 
compromised antennas still seem to work well.

> I'm not sure one would ever notice the tree effects on HF.  There are 
> lots of other things (e.g., no balun at the feedpoint, feedline routing 
> and objects in the near field, ground terrain variations ) that would 
> probably be larger effects.

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