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Wed Apr 9 13:15:36 EDT 2014

The yellowing is normally caused by air contamination at the end of the cable.

You might try cutting a length from the spool (a few feet or so) and  
then inspecting the dielectric at the place where you cut the coax.

Good luck.


Quoting Byron Tatum <bjtatum1 at att.net>:

> Hello-
>   I thought I would ask just to be sure. I brought home some NOS  
> Belden RG-9A/U coax, still on a 1000' reel. The reel was stored  
> inside in a radio shop in Okla City, and the wooden spool showed no  
> signs of exposure. I really like to use the double shielded cables  
> when I can. However, this cable dielectric has a very distinct  
> yellowed appearance. The copper shields are nice and bright and show  
> no discoloration, and the (gray colored) jacket looks nice.
>   Is this cable no good? I am thinking of installing connectors on  
> it and measuring the loss, as I have no instruments other than an  
> MFJ-259B ant analyzer.
> Any comments on this subject appreciated, as I have saw a yellowing   
> in the dielectric of other cables.
>         Thanks, Byron WA5THJ  
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