[TowerTalk] Poor eHam reviews of the AV 480

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Wed Apr 9 19:58:17 EDT 2014

I assume that you're referring to the AV-680 since there is no such 
thing as a Hy-Gain AV-480, but more importantly ... why would you 
presume to override the poor reviews from other hams??  The product 
reviews on eHam are notoriously flawed, mostly inaccurate, and rarely 
useful ... but they do represent the feedback of various hams and yours 
should carry no more weight than theirs.  eHam is not a testing service.

That being said, as I write this there are three reviews for the AV-680 
on eHam.net and all three (!) complain about missing parts and/or 
defective connections.  How exactly do you jump from that to assuming 
the users "probably have no idea of how to set up a vertical?"

Dave   AB7E

On 4/9/2014 4:19 PM, David Thompson wrote:
> I tried to convince Ray W5EW to replace his 6BTV vertical with a 
> Hy-Gain AV-480 but the reviews on eHam were so bad he has decided not 
> to spend the money.  The 6BTV has 30 radials and does well in the RTTY 
> Contests he enters running low power.
> How do we over ride the poor reviews from hams who probably have no 
> idea of how to set up a vertical?
> 73 Dave K4JRB
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