[TowerTalk] Thrust Bearing adjustment

Mike Fahmie wa6zty at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 20:41:24 EDT 2014

The tower was purchased by an SK who never put it up.  He ordered it with the 2nd bearing.  I'm just trying to do the most with what I've got!

So.....How do I center the system?  My current plan is;

I will put the vertical load on the top bearing.

I will let the mast slide thru the lower bearing using it only to provide lateral support.
Should I leave the mounting bolts for the lower bearing loose so that it conforms to any eccentricities?
Perhaps the alignment will be good enough to tighten them, we'll see.

The rotor's mast clamp is designed for 2 1/16" OD masts without shims, my mast (DX Engineering) is exactly 2" OD so I will need some 1/32" galvanized (or SS?) to shim it out. After that is done, I will run the rotor with bolts loosened and let it find its 'sweet spot'.


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>The top bearing should hold the vertical load.  I use the rotator bearing to
>stabilize the mast vertically. Why do you need a second TB2US?
>John KK9A
>[TowerTalk] Thrust Bearing adjustment
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>I'm about to raise a 72' US Tower equipped with a pair of TB2US thrust
>spaced about 3'.  I'll be using a TailTwister2 Rotator.  Is there a
>for centering these components to preclude binding?
>I doubt there is a way to make the two bearings share the vertical load, so 
>which one should I choose.  I'm thinking that
 the top bearing should take
>load and use the lower bearing to stabilize the mast laterally.
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