[TowerTalk] Force 12 Delta 240 2 Elem 40M Yagi

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I have owned a 620/340 Magnum for many years. I love this antenna. It was up 
about 10 years before a direct hit by Hurricane Katrina damaged it by breaking 
the 40 meter elements at the first joint... all three damaged elements were 
located on the starboard side of the boom. I tuned the driven element when 
installed at 100 feet and it performed very well indeed. I bought the heaviest 
replacement boom that Tom Schiller would make (120mph) and rebuilt and 
reinstalled the antenna. It has been back up in place since 2010 and there is 
no way that I would switch this antenna out

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. I did perform a few minor mods to strengthen it and I added internal weight 
to the boom, on the forward end, to balance the antenna. I have a 340N Magnum 
still in the box if I ever do need to replace it. Count me in the 
"outstanding antenna" camp.

George K5JZ

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The Delta 240 is a coil version, and does not use linear loading.

I've never owned a Cushcraft but I've had the linear loaded 2 element 40 
and two versions of the 240. The first version had coils enclosed in 
pvc and the current version is wound on some sort of plastic form. I 
went to the new version when I ordered the Delta 240/230 beam which I 
should have done in the first place. Having 2 elements on 30m makes it 
easy to work pileups.

Delta's tuned very easily based on the dimensions given. I just 
pulled them up the side of the tower about 30' 
to check the swr and it 
was exactly like the manual said they would behave at the low height. 
Once they were raised to the top of the tower the 
delta's resonated 
right where the manual said they would.

The linear loaded 2 element 40's 
took more work to tune but once tuned 
it played well. The one thing I missed was the relay box option which 
would allow you to switch between cw and ssb with the flip of a switch.

Now that F12 sold to InnovAntennas, 
I'm not sure if the 240 or 230/240 
will be available. I know the C31xr will be.

Rich - N5ZC

The first version of the 250 had
On 4/12/2014 3:24 PM, K7LXC at aol.com wrote:
>> Does anyone have a Force 12 Delta 240 up in the air in use? If so, how
> does it play?
> I've 
installed a number of the F12 linear loaded antennas and NO ONE
> has ever said to me that it was a 'great' antenna. I've always thought that
> the CC 2L shorty forty is the best bang for the buck on 40M. Maybe the
> newer F12 versions with coils would be an improvement.
> Cheers,
> Steve K7LXC
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