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Sat Apr 12 22:04:17 EDT 2014

On 4/12/2014 6:48 PM, Mike Reublin NF4L wrote:
> R9 or AV-680? Why?

I can't speak directly for the R9 and AV680, but I can forthe R8 and 
AV640.  I have both.  The AV60 and R9 are much alike, but there are 
major differences.

The AV640 uses stubs and capacity hats for tuning. Each band is 
basically tuned without interacting with the others. It's very easy to tune.

The R8 come from the same basic design and has the same or similar 
matching network, but uses a mix of traps and capacity hats. The one I 
have was a royal PITA to tune and matching was a problem.

  The club set one up for a member (I believe he was a member) and gave 
up on the matching network. They wound a new matching transformer, but 
left the choke balun alone. With the new matching transformer they were 
able to match it on all bands.  I do not know what the problem was with 
the transformer

IIRC the R8 was short a couple screws, but nothing serious that I didn't 
have on hand.

I've had 2 AV640s and one R8 plus the one the club set up for someone.

 From those "few" experiences, I'd choose the AV680. I actually ordered 
one for a backup antenna earlier this afternoon.

These are only two experiences with each antenna so they may not be typical.

I should add that after the bees built a nest in the one AV640, I've had 
problems with antennas.  "I think I've lost a ground somewhere and have 
current flowing on the feedlines.  I have some serious trouble shooting 


Roger (K8RI)

> 73, Mike NF4L
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