[TowerTalk] How to disassemble a boom?

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On 4/12/2014 9:13 PM, K5KG Email wrote:
> I am having a problem getting the boom sections apart on a F12 C31 boom.   Any suggestions, pse.

Are the elements off and the boom where it's easy to ge at?

If so,  if you can clamp to each end of the boom.  hook one end to 
something solid and use a block and tackle, or come along off the other 
end to carefully pull the sections apart. the pull needs to be balanced 
so it pulls straight.

There are many ways to clamp it. Use two antenna mounting plates each 
held with a pair of u-bolts...anything to allow a straight pull. The 
sections should easily pull apart although you might have to hit it with 
some PB blaster and let it soak. I had several boom sections that were 
undersized, or the inside piece was over size. Those are permanently 
joined.  So, unless they were mis-sized the clamps should not take much 
force.  Just a cable loop anchored on opposite sides with the pull from 
the middle of the loop.  Keep it simple and if it appears to look like 
it's going to take much force, stop and reevaluate.  You might need to 
tap on opposite sides with rubber mallets to loosen things up. Do not 
use metal hammers. apply hits to opposite sides at the same time. Do not 
hit hard.

If the connection is not balanced with a straight pull, the pieces can 
try to cock slightly and if they do that they are likely to bind and 
gall, creating a real problem.

Those are the things that readily come to mind.


Roger (K8RI)

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