[TowerTalk] Force 12 Delta 240 2 Elem 40M Yagi

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Sun Apr 13 00:03:11 EDT 2014

I do believe that the coil loaded Shorty 40's (F12 or other) are a much 
better choice than the linear loaded versions.  I think that W8JI wrote 
a piece on that once ... maybe it's even on his website. I have the 
Optibeam OB2-40, which is a coil loaded Shorty 40 similar to the F12 
antenna except much sturdier, and it works great (yes, I've measured the 

Dave   AB7E

On 4/12/2014 1:24 PM, K7LXC at aol.com wrote:
>>   Does anyone have a Force 12 Delta 240 up in the air in  use? If so, how
> does it play?
>      I've installed a number of the F12 linear  loaded antennas and NO ONE
> has ever said to me that it was a 'great' antenna.  I've always thought that
> the CC 2L shorty forty is the best bang for the buck on  40M. Maybe the
> newer F12 versions with coils would be an  improvement.
> Cheers,
> Steve    K7LXC
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