[TowerTalk] Force 12 Delta 240 2 Elem 40M Yagi

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at Earthlink.net
Sun Apr 13 07:07:12 EDT 2014

I owned and used the EF240X from Force 12 for about 7 years.  The antenna
actually worked very well once tuned but it had 2 issues.  It was very
sensitive to its environment on tuning so you could not set it to the
factory and put it up.  You had to raise it up to 40 ft or so and then bring
it back down.  The second issue was that the rigid aluminum wire of the
loading/boom support structure was not robust and I had to repair it twice
in the 7 years.  The good news, and why I bought it, was that the bandwidth
on the 240X was 250khz (and it was).  Overall, I liked the antenna despite
its quirks.  Oh yes it was very light as well.


I now use a M2 3el on a 32 ft boom.  That is a killer antenna.  Its got a
200 - 220 khz BW and more gain.  More robust.  But its heavy at over 150lbs.
The cost of it is not much more than the 2 els from F12 and CC but it will
blow the doors off either antenna.  I have held a run frequency on CQ WW,
ARRL DX, and WPX on 40 SSB using 100W and this antenna at 85 ft.




Ed  N1UR


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