[TowerTalk] Grounding System Question

Steve Gorecki ve3cwj at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 11:52:52 EDT 2014

Tony, I would suggest adding even more rods if possible, like at least 6. I
used 4 foot 1/2" copper pipe spaced at 8 foot intervals (usual twice the
rod length rule of thumb). I made home-made clamps out of 3/4 inch pipe,
slit into two halves, and clamped the 2" copper strapping 1/2 way around
each pipe, then screwed it all together with SS machine screws (should the
worm clamps let go). The 2" strapping runs between about 9 rods all
together. Be sure to use copper to copper anti oxidant on each and every
connection. Do NOT use Noalox or any other brand of aluminum to copper
compound for pure copper to copper connections. You must use compound
designed for copper to copper only, if you want it to last. I'm not sure of
the thickness of my 2" strapping, but recall it comes out to about a #3 AWG
equivalent in cross section area. I had bought a 4x8 foot sheet of copper
flashing at a local roofing company, and had them shear it to 2" widths.
So, determine the length of the ground rod, double it, and install them
that distance from the original rods. If using 6 foot rods, go 12 feet
maximum. Then go another 12 feet and put in a second one on each leg. Same
for 4 foot rods, go 8 feet between. The more the better.
Hope that helps with some ideas at least.


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