[TowerTalk] Balun Overheating?

Tom Hellem tom.hellem at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 21:34:39 EDT 2014

Fellow TTers:

I built a balun for my triband yagi consisting of 50 type 73 ferrite beads
slipped over a piece of RG 303
coax, enclosed inside of a piece of 1-1/2" pvc. Had one of the wires break
inside and I surmised it must have
been a result of wind-caused vibration, etc. So after I repaired the broken
connection, I squirted some of that
canned foam insulation (the kind that is sold for foaming around windows &
doors, etc.)into the pvc enclosure,
 encasing the entire piece of coax & ferrite beads in the stuff thereby
preventing any vibration , etc in the future.
Upon further thought I am wondering now did I invite the balun to overheat,
especially while running high power,
as any heat generated has no way to escape.
Does anyone have an opinion one way or 'tother?

Missoula, MT

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