[TowerTalk] Antenna matching values

Drax Felton draxfelton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 23:44:02 EDT 2014


I have a phased set of four 2 meter Yagi's that I tuned using the gamma
matches on the antennas the best I could.

Now that the antennas are 90 feet in the air I have a slight SWR problem at
the input of the array and cannot load my 1kW solid state amp to full power
without it locking out.


I'd like to put a matching circuit at the input of the array on the tower
end to avoid feed line losses.


I need to know what fixed values of impedance, capacitance, and inductance
to put into two T match or other circuits to get nearer to a 1:1 SWR.


This is what my antenna analyzer says now:


When using horizontal polarization

144.100 MHz   R=17  X=0  SWR 2.9


When using vertical polarization

144.100 MHz  R=36   X=25  SWR 2.0



I know one of you is a good electrical engineer and can point me in the
right direction.





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