[TowerTalk] Filter for one band

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Tue Apr 22 11:38:58 EDT 2014

Just got the word from the repair facility that proximity to another 
transmitter was the likely cause of my father's Icom receiving front 
end damage. That would have to have been from me transmitting on 
another band when he was on. My tribander is 20 feet from his 80M inv 

I have a coax relay on his rig that disconnects the antenna when his 
rig is turned off and when he is on I avoid 80M which is the only 
band he uses so I never transmit on 80 when he is on. I've heard of 
but never seen or used filters that are supposed to be good for 
isolating one band in a multi op contesting situation. Any 
suggestions of what filter I might could use on his coax to keep 
other frequencies from being an issue to him on 80 again? 



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