[TowerTalk] Ground Rod Myths?

GARY HUBER glhuber at msn.com
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Here in rural Illinois, where the soil has not been compacted, often we can 
dig a cup size starter hole, fill it with water, stand the ground rod in the 
water and then push the rod down as far as it will go then pull it up add 
water, push the rod down, pull up, add water, and repeat the cycle until the 
rod is in as far as we need it.  In most cases no tools are needed, maybe 
two gallons of water, and no more than twenty minutes per rod.

73 & DX,
Gary - AB9M

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I came across a website that claimed it's better to use the hydraulic
pressure from water hose to drive ground rods instead of pounding them
into the ground. The idea is to prevent damage to the copper clad. I can
see how this would make the installation easier, but can't imagine the
copper being stripped away that easily.  Any truth to this?

The site also mentioned that the copper strap or wire that joins one
ground rod to the next should be buried at least a foot below ground
level while another said a few inches is fine. I suspect deeper is better.




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