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Vermont is something similar: 1 inch soil on top, infinite layer of mixed rocks for the rest.

Hans - N2JFS

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I used to live in NE Illinois and in southern Louisiana and that's 
exactly how I did my long grounding rods. No stones at all to run 
into. Here in Connecticut it took a lot of effort to find exact 
placement for my HI-Z Rx array, the soil is one big rock with a thin 
surface layer dirt on top. Get a few inches down & hit solid.



> On 4/22/2014 10:24 PM, GARY HUBER wrote:
> > Here in rural Illinois, where the soil has not been compacted, often 
> > we can dig a cup size starter hole, fill it with water, stand the 
> > ground rod in the water and then push the rod down as far as it will 
> > go then pull it up add water, push the rod down, pull up, add water, 
> > and repeat the cycle until the rod is in as far as we need it.  In 
> > most cases no tools are needed, maybe two gallons of water, and no 
> > more than twenty minutes per rod.
> >
> I'd say that indicates one whale of a big base for towers, be they self 
> supporting or guyed!  One big rain and your guyed tower would be a 
> section shorter<:-))
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
> > 73 & DX,
> > Gary - AB9M
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> > All:
> >
> > I came across a website that claimed it's better to use the hydraulic
> > pressure from water hose to drive ground rods instead of pounding them
> > into the ground. The idea is to prevent damage to the copper clad. I can
> > see how this would make the installation easier, but can't imagine the
> > copper being stripped away that easily.  Any truth to this?
> >
> > The site also mentioned that the copper strap or wire that joins one
> > ground rod to the next should be buried at least a foot below ground
> > level while another said a few inches is fine. I suspect deeper is 
> > better.
> >
> > Thanks...
> >
> > Tony

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