[TowerTalk] Ground Rod Myths?

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Fri Apr 25 17:39:22 EDT 2014

Someone asked for a method of attaching grounds to a steel tower when a 
SS hose clamp is not too good due to shape of tower leg. I think maybe 
it was a galvanized tower but don't recall for sure. Don't stainless 
steel and galvanize play well together (why you try SS hose clamps in 
the first place.)  How about drilling a hole in the leg and bolting on a 
piece of stainless steel using SS fasteners.  Then a second hole in the 
SS piece can be used to attach the copper which plays nice with the SS.

Alternatively with proper safety precautions (especially if galvanized 
tower leg) you could weld a piece of SS to the steel tower leg and then 
connect the copper ground to the SS piece. I find welding SS other 
steels pretty easy, especially if using SS wire in a M IG or SS stick 

Any big negatives overlooked? I'm aware you could mess up welding the 
leg but I believe properly done it would not be a problem.


Patrick NJ5G

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