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Fri Apr 25 23:50:36 EDT 2014

On 4/25/2014 7:47 PM, Edwin Karl wrote:
> In the way back, I repaired the grounds to an AM station by silver 
> soldering the copper together.
> Had to use Oxy-Acetlyne to get it hot enough. AFter I burned throuch 
> several splices I got the hang
> of it. This was 45 years ago, I'm sure the connections are still good 
> unless the acid in the soil
> has eaten everything.

Silver-soldering copper to copper is easy, once yoy get the temps down 
right. Like any soldering, you bring the base metal temp up till the 
solder flows.  Coat the entire joint with flux.  It does take a bit of 
learning to get he junction up to temp so the entire junction is 
wetted.  The difficult part is coppers ability to rapidly transfer heat 
away from the work area.

The difference between melting silver solder and copper is a lot less 
than melting solder.

I used to average between 8 and 10 copper pancake coils a day (1/8th 
inch Cu tubing). All fittings were silver soldered.

Long since lost track of how many large coils we made.


Roger (K8RI)

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