[TowerTalk] Leeson Washdown

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 27 20:36:15 EDT 2014

On 4/27/14, 5:03 PM, andy ronan wrote:
> Hi guys
> Looks like the three year old motor on my Tashjian 70ft tower is going south (smoking like a burnt pizza).
> It is a Leeson Washdown model C6C17WB1J 1/2 HP. Just wondering if anybody has replaced one with a slightly larger Hp (3/4) and if the mounting holes line up.
> I dont wont to reinvent the wheel but would like a replacement drop in with a larger HP rating. Tower is only lifting a 4 el steppir and 2 el 40 with a 15ft 1/4 steel mast.

the C6C17WB2K is a 3/4HP washdown single phase motor in the same NEMA 56 
frame, so it should swap out with no problem.  You'd want to check to 
make sure the shaft configuration, etc. is the same.  (i.e. is a 1J the 
1/2 HP and the 2K the 3/4 HP, otherwise identical, or should you be 
getting a 1K or a 2J...  the leeson catalog would tell all)

Cat #112432 vs 112431


You'd also want to check the electrical ratings on the controller 
(Locked Rotor or start current, for instance..)

Full load for the 3/4 HP is about 11 Amps, 9 Amps for the 1/2HP



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