[TowerTalk] Leeson Washdown [with Tash/Tri-Ex Tower]

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I have replaced two Leeson Washdown motors on my tower over the course of 16 
years since I bought it from SK estate & refurbished it. 3 years on your 
motor sounds a little short-lived!

I was tempted to up-size the HP rating, but didn't do do so for fear of 
ending up with something that became a mechanical nightmare due to pulley 
placement, bolt holes, etc. In addition, the 40:1 gearbox is what's doing 
most of the heavy lifting, I think the 1/2 HP is adequately sized, altho 
some of the M.E.'s may wish to correct me.

The Leeson Washdowns are not cheap, altho there's a place down south (sorry, 
can't remember who right now, but do have their prior invoice) that sells 
them $100 cheaper than the first few Google hits you find. It's worth 
shopping around!

The ones I got fit perfectly....however my tower is circa 1970 and vintage, 
and when I refurbished it in 1998 I had to drill new bolt holes the first 
time around. The second motor went right in without having to drill new 
holes. Even better, the motor shroud, pulley, etc., lined up without 

While these are motors are rated for washdown service, over time they still 
send to leak. I have gotten a LOT of extra life out of my latest motor by 
putting a bead of silicone caulk around the capacitor & relay housings, 
seals, etc. I also rescued one by replacing the caps and relay (cheap and 
relatively easy) when the motor started blowing fuses.

It would probably not hurt to build some kind of "roof" over the motor. I 
have never done so, and yes, they are weatherproof, but as with all things 
out in the weather, they tend to age and need maintenance.

GL es 73


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Hi guys

Looks like the three year old motor on my Tashjian 70ft tower is going south 
(smoking like a burnt pizza).
It is a Leeson Washdown model C6C17WB1J 1/2 HP. Just wondering if anybody 
has replaced one with a slightly larger Hp (3/4) and if the mounting holes 
line up.
I dont wont to reinvent the wheel but would like a replacement drop in with 
a larger HP rating. Tower is only lifting a 4 el steppir and 2 el 40 with a 
15ft 1/4 steel mast.

Thanks in advance

Andy N9TGR

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