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We wish is was that simple. The are different ways to generate these e-mail. Yes, you can "guess" and use the password but there are also "hacks" that can an account available without using the password, you bypass the password routine. You can also manipulate the e-mail you are sending so it appears to be somebody else's e-mail. I think that's what is used here. 

You can get hold of somebody's contact list with hacks I don't know about but know exist. 

Almost the same way we like and are fascinated by our radio hobby these hackers are (probably) fascinated by "breaking in" on various web sites. I am afraid these things will not go away as will not the radio hams.

i hope I didn't take up too  much time as this really is not a tower issue.

Hans - N2JFS

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I hope this isn’t to remedial but if someone's password was hacked couldn’t 
folks just change their password and wouldn’t that eventually fix the problem? 
Doesn’t sound like much work to keep junk off of your or my computer.

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