[TowerTalk] Dipole gain?

Steve Hunt steve at karinya.net
Thu Dec 11 05:52:00 EST 2014

I agree that Free Space figures are probably the least ambiguous; but 
I'm not convinced that "averages" are very helpful!

What do we mean by "average"? What's the average of two F/B ratios, one 
of 10dB and one of 20dB?

[The average of 10dBW and 20dBW is 17.4dBW]

A "not worse than" figure across the bandwidth may be more meaningful.

Steve G3TXQ

On 11/12/2014 10:30, Stan Stockton wrote:
> If every antenna were compared to every other antenna in terms of free space gain and all in the same unit of measure (say dBI) and if the numbers for gain F/B, F/R, etc were shown as average across the band then there are no additional questions to ask to determine which antenna is better or best.

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