[TowerTalk] HFTA Request

Edward via TowerTalk towertalk at contesting.com
Sun Dec 14 12:57:46 EST 2014

Can someone kindly run the HFTA for the following?

I don't have the software as I am on military travel:

33 24.2027N 117 12.5683W

Tower is 106' with  Steppir DB-36. Would like the following please:

10m, 15m, 20m @ 35', 70', 106' w/ 4 ele

40m w/ 3 ele.  Same heights.  

Would like to know performance expectations in the key directions.  

Concerned about surroundings (i.e., hills and mountains, etc).  Tower is mounted next to house on adjacent hill, which adds 20 feet.  Can vary the height, as I am using a motorized system.  

Thank you in advance. 


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