[TowerTalk] K4XS SUPERSTATION FOR SALE (bad link)

W3YY w3yy at cox.net
Mon Dec 15 18:15:51 EST 2014

I only hope this property is acquired by a contester who can use it to its
full potential and maintain it.  I'm too old for that, HI!

73, Bob - W3YY

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The link that was previously posted got busted since it was on two  lines. 
(a space got added when copied)  Here's a shorter  link:
Sorry for the confusion and the repost.
73  K4XS
The XYL and I miss the "island life".  We're  putting up the  house and
superstation for sale.  If you are interested,  checkout  the info on eham
KA9FOX's qth.com site.  Pictures can be found   on photobucket or call 352 


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