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Don't think you will have any problems keeping the cables together. I don't think cable ties is that good idea as they may cut into the the cable jackets. I use a combination of electric tape and REAL duct tape, the aluminum type myself.

I don't know how important it is but I avoid using equal distance between the places I tie the cables. Rumors have it that the small impression on the coax will cause a reflection and if they are all at equidistant the reflexes can add up a some frequencies to give a high SWR. Rumors or not, I have tie point at random distances.

73 de,

Hans - N2JFS

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Greetings Fellow Towertalkians-

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations regarding the routing of a 
LMR400 UF coax feed line alongside a 4-conductor rotor control cable, and a 
control cable for a soon-to-be-completed SteppIR DB-18 antenna. My intent is to 
gently tie wrap the 3 cables together using UV-rated outdoor ties, then leave 
the appropriate loops and slack so I can raise and lower the tower. The Orion 
2800 rotor is already mounted, tested with a mast that’s ready to receive the 

Anything else I should be mindful of? All cables are shielded and will be tied 
to a common earth ground. I'll be feeding the antenna with 100 W max.

If not tied directly next to each other, what would be a good separation 
distance for the coax and the other two?

Your collective wisdom is greatly appreciated by this relative newbie. :)


-Paul, W2PIR

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