[TowerTalk] HG70HD pulley

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Thu Feb 6 11:14:25 EST 2014

It is likely but not a certainty that the bearing is pressed on and will 
need to be pressed off or pulled with a bearing/pulley puller.  If you elect 
to try to pry it off do go around and around making just a little progress 
on each "bite" and be patient if it takes many revolutions.  Most likely 
there will be a number on the bearing that you can use to secure a 
replacement. If no number then take the bearing with you to Graingers or 
other similar vendor or an auto parts store.  You need to match the size 
exactly to make it fit properly.  If you have a number then Google it to 
find sources. Mind the load ratings and do not use a bearing not up to the 
task. Leave a good safety margin even if it costs a few bucks more.

If you install the bearing yourself be careful to not cock it when inserting 
it.  You can select a socket from your socket wrench set to use as a tool to 
press (tap with a hammer or squeeze in a vise) the bearing into place.  The 
socket you select should fit such that all the force you apply to the socket 
presses on the part of the bearing in contact with the pulley and does not 
touch the part where the balls are.

If you use a hammer or a vise (or hydraulic press if available) you should 
press a little then rotate the pulley part of a turn and press again. This 
will help prevent cocking the bearing. The farther in the bearing is pressed 
the less important the rotating becomes.  Rotating is the most important 
when getting the bearing started. Look at it closely when getting the 
bearing started and make corrections early on before pressing the bearing 
even 1/4 of the way home.

Hey, it is easier than my comments may make it seem.  I have done it 
successfully and I am strictly self taught in mechanic stuff.

If you have additional questions or concerns that you would want to send 
direct, I am good in QRZ.


Patrick NJ5G

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From: Mike Reublin NF4L
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Subject: [TowerTalk] HG70HD pulley

While working on getting the new puppy ready for duty, I discovered the 
pulley at the top of the main section would not turn. I soaked it with PB 
Blaster and got it to go maybe 1/8 turn.

I took it out, cleaned it well, put a little grease in the hole and put it 
back in. There is quite a bit of slop now on the axle.

Did I lose part of a bearing? Any suggestions for a fix or replacement?

73, Mike NF4L

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