[TowerTalk] N1RR's 2014 Rohn 55G 120ft Tower project

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Thu Jan 2 21:56:53 EST 2014

N1RR's 2014 Rohn 55G 120ft Tower project 
Hi ! I've got a few questions. Here's what I'm doing: Rohn 55 120ft 

I live in Massachusetts near the northeast corner of Rhode Island. It's a 110 MPH zone. I'd classify this as an Exposure B 
(Wooded) area. 

I put the guy anchors and the base in back in '99. I used GAR30 anchor rods and a 10 foot tower section along with 
the re-bar that was required at that time at all four locations. Base and anchor holes were completely filled with 
4000psi concrete. 

First, I worried about the anchor rods. I wish I had used the larger GAC3455 or 5655. I was steered to the GAR30's. 
What are these limited to ? At what load will they fail at ? 
This limit may dictate what I ultimately put onto the tower. 

Second, what equalizer plates should be used ? Should I double up on EP-2534-3 ? 
Will those bolts be adequate ? 

My third biggest question might not be appropriate for this list but here goes: I have a full size Wilson 40M3. 
( Yes, I'm planning a star guy bracket at the top. ) 
How far way should a 15M yagi be from the 40 ? 
My guess is 15 to 25 feet. 
How far way should a 20M yagi be from the 40 ? 
Based on what I've seen in the field, 10 to 12 feet should be plenty here. 

Charlie N1RR 

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