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My wife, Nancy, N2FWI and I were sitting up in bed tonight reading and
laughing to the point of tears of hilarity over your descriptions on how you
are getting things done since you recovered from your illness.  

Thank you and Patrick for being an inspiration for a "can do" spirit in each
of us!

Thanks & 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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On 12/28/2013 9:49 AM, Patrick Greenlee wrote:
> Roger, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I too have some 
> medical issues. I have a few incurable diseases (degenerative disk 
> disease, sarcoidosis, peripheral neuropathy) and as a separate issue I 
> am a cancer survivor but I don't let these things define or stop me. 
> It ain't over till its over and it ain't over yet!  My comment was 
> flip but I stand by it. Until or unless I get the final BIG MEMO I 
> will keep on truckin' (the best I can.) Apparently you keep on 
> truckin' the best you can and in the face of diversity such as you 
> have faced you are a brave dude and have my respect and admiration.
> I am ever so thankful to not have had to experience any where near 
> what you have had to suffer. I wish you the best possible future and 
> with luck we might come across one another on the radio.

It Sounds worse than it is. <:-))  Very little pain, digestive tract 
works fine, sleep well...I find it to be far more annoying than anything 
else.  I'm still active and have permission to drive (renewed my license 
last summer). I'm welding up the base for the LM470...Now there's a 
challenge as Each #10 rerod plus the 1/2 X 3 X 25 steel plate must weigh 
around 60#. I aligned it, tipped the ear upright, used my left foot as a 
prop to hold it, put prybar under raising fixture, used right foot to 
press down on pry bar to position fixture while pushing bolt through 
hole with right hand.  I have enough movement in left hand to hold nut 
until I can turn it with right hand. Then put long handled box wrench on 
one side so the floor stops it while I crank on big ratchet.
Installing coax connectors is really annoying as it takes about a half 
hour instead of a few minutes. Crimpers are fantastic! OTOH, you get 
lots of practice on your language skills and adding just the right 
amount of inflection!

OTOH it sometimes brings my wife in asking "What happened?"  The cat 
attack you? <:-))

I was a touch typist and writer, so one handed typing is a royal PITA 
because It's not only slow, but every minute or so I have to look up at 
the screen to correct errors/proof read.Hence, many spelling errors I miss.

Towers and antennas are more or less laying out things so someone else 
can do the work, but my right arm and hand are getting really 
strong<:-))  I have to remember to try to do as much as possible with my 
left hand even though it's awkward and much faster with the right one.  
You learn to improvise a lot!  At least it didn't affect my speech, or 
reasoning. The hand and arm are steadily improving!

I'm not giving up by a long shot, but I sure do miss the climbing and flying


Roger (K8RI)

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