[TowerTalk] Tack welding rebar

Stan Labinsky Jr. K2STN at frontier.com
Fri Jan 3 21:52:09 EST 2014

On another tack, from what I've read, not having the rebar interconnected, 
that is, welded to itself and to the tower bolts is a recipe for concrete 
block destruction from steam bursts during a lightning strike, when strike 
current jumps over the poor/marginal interconnects and creates huge point 
sources of heat within the block.

Welding also makes the block into a Ufer ground.


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Maybe the majority would have to lug lots of heavy gear but I have a plasma
cutter, 180 amp Mig, AC/DC stick welder, grinder, vise, O-A bottles,
Argon-CO2 bottle, 14 inch cutoff saw, and on and on and on all on my single
axle welding trailer which is not hard to hitch up and get close to just
about anywhere on the ranch including antenna farm endeavors. I don't think
I am unique.

Point 2:  wire tied cages of rebar are not nearly as robust as welded.  It
is darned inconvenient to have rebar messed up under the forces involved in
pouring concrete.  Dimensional tolerances are much easier to maintain with
weldments.  Wire tied rebar is a very good thing with flat work like slabs,
aprons, patios, sidewalks, and the like but more 3 dimensional work is
sometimes approached easier and with more confidence with at least some
welding.  Must you weld? NO, but if you can it is sometimes better for any
of several reasons.

Patrick NJ5G 

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