[TowerTalk] Welding Rebar

Ed K0KL edk0kl at centurytel.net
Sat Jan 4 16:01:58 EST 2014

I can't stand it any longer ...

Wire ties are fine to keep the rebar touching from bar to band (the 
smaller rod surrounding the
verticals or horizontals as it were). It has been used for years on 
buildings, roadways, etc. Generally
speaking the concrete holds the connection together, the connection and 
rod make the concrete
strong ...

The only place where I am aware of welding rebar is to butt splice, with 
a sleeve around the connection
and cad weld the connection. Used on cooling towers.

For ordinary work tie wire (#16) in 3#  rolls works fine. I have used it 
doubled to pull a connection taut,
but unless using big stuff #10 rod or so, use 16 gauge, 14 on the big 
stuff. End cutting nippers or
plain old lineman pliers do the trick.

Cad welding may work for grounds but are completely a waste on a small 
tower foundation. Heck
even the big TV towers I haven't seen cad welding for such connections.

4000# concrete is fine in this application with a vibrator.

I should mention, part of my mis-spent youth I hung iron (rod buster) 
for several years.


ed K0KL

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