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remember that sulfur reacts with iron to form SFe a solid and hard compound. At long as the sulfur doesn't get all the way through the steel rod but only a small fraction you will have a very long lasting junction.

Hans - N2JFS

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I don't think chemistry issues were an issue here.

My tower base and brackets were fabricated of construction grade steel that
were cold galvanized.  The bolts were galvanized HD.  They were recommended
for that application.  The tower was 18" and 14" aluminum sections made by

After many years in place and afterwards, there was no sign of deterioration
of the sulfur.  My gut feeling was it would take a D-7 Caterpillar tractor
to disturb them.
Ray, W4BYG  

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I hate to bring chemistry into this, but using sulphur or its compounds
around structural metal is a bad idea. Sulphur easily reacts with many
different materials... which can result in compounds with a very low pH,
like sulfuric acid. Sulfur is one reason that calcium gets dissolved and
caves form.

Your mileage may vary - in a sealed anerobic environment, molten sulphur
will last for a very long time.

Mickey N4MB


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