[TowerTalk] Welding Rebar

Edwin Karl edk0kl at centurytel.net
Sun Jan 5 01:50:59 EST 2014

That's fine, but welding is only to hold in place. Like tie wire it 
contributes little to the actual cage
strength. When confronted with large beams, or columns we would use the 
wire as "guys" interior
connections to keep in place. Then a bunch (technical term for more than 
2) would pick the puppy
up and drop into place in the form.
Like 15 foot columns with as much as 8- 1 1/4 rods. The bands were 
mostly #3 or #4. Sometimes
the crane would pick the newly assembled unit up from the ground and 
lift to the deck. You would
be surprised how sturdy the assembly was. For fabrication, tying the 
rods (bars) together was quick
and secure. Never saw one come apart.
I have a 100 foot AN Wireless free standing tower. The base is 22 yards 
of concrete 12 feet deep. I guess
we got a little carried away. Anyway, the cage was assembled in the 
hole, has 3 layers of mats
and 4 vertical bars on each face. No problem dumping the concrete into 
the hole, nary a tie opened

On 1/4/2014 11:59 PM, Roger (K8RI) on TT wrote:
> On 1/4/2014 4:01 PM, Ed K0KL wrote:
>> I can't stand it any longer ...
>> Wire ties are fine to keep the rebar touching from bar to band (the 
>> smaller rod surrounding the
>> verticals or horizontals as it were). It has been used for years on 
>> buildings, roadways, etc. Generally
>> speaking the concrete holds the connection together, the connection 
>> and rod make the concrete
>> strong ...
>> The only place where I am aware of welding rebar is to butt splice, 
>> with a sleeve around the connection
>> and cad weld the connection. Used on cooling towers.
> Order towers with the rebar cage and they likely will come welded and 
> not tied.
> That's been the recent local experience.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
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