[TowerTalk] screw anchors (was Welding Rebar)

Wayne Kline w3ea at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 7 12:41:57 EST 2014

When I built my previous home, the power co. PPL  installed a pole and pole mounted transformer. In no time the pole was tilting/listing down the hill from the main lines.   they then drove up the hill with there utility truck with  had a arm with this hydrolytic transmission. The operators attached this female drive  adaptor then screwed it on to a 10 ft guy ANCOR .
 One end was threaded and the other had a one sided  tapered wing.
    He lifted it up and positioned it at about 45 deg to the  pole and .. WOW spun it down to almost ground level ( it was higher then reg ground with the pulled up shale. unwound the adaptor started a one eye end and then screwed that on with the machine.
   Were was this marvelous machine when I needed it .  I dug two tower bases and 6 guy anchor holes by hand in SHALE
in the upcoming year... and that is NO fun ....   how do you spell PIC Bar ? 
Wayne W3EA 
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> I agree that screw anchors can work fine for a guy anchor. Finding an
> installation machine or attachment to properly set them may be the
> challenge.
> John KK9A
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> Subject:	 [TowerTalk] screw anchors (was Welding Rebar)
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> I don't see any problems with screw anchors. Anyone what havae had any
> problems
> with them The one I use are, according to the manufacturer's spec., good
> for a
> pulll force of 14,400 # in undisturbed,dry sand.
> Hans - N2JFS
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