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chetmoore chetmoore at cox.net
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Hi Tom,

20 years ago, I did mine by hand, using a pipe.  On the new tower I found
that I could no longer do that by myself. 6 years ago  I rented one of the
power augers from home depot. I got the trailer mounted unit You can rent
them for cheap.  I used the augers that came with it to drill 4 holes close
together and then Shoveled them out.  Take off the auger and Use the Kelly
bar to drive the anchors. Towed the trailer to the house and walked the
auger to the back yard.  It took about 30 seconds to drive them in.  I was
able to drive the anchors In less time than it took to line up the auger
trailer. We also drove 3 more For N4BAA and had the unit back to home depot
in  less than 4 hours.


Chet N4FX

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Having never installed one, how does one install one by hand? Dumb question
but I'm faced with maybe doing it & need to be an "inquiring" 

Thanks for your input.


On 1/7/2014 4:32 PM, Hans Hammarquist wrote:
> I'm not ever sure you would be able to remove one, especially if it is a
little damaged by corrosion. My idea is to "just" add a new one by even the
slightest suspicion that you have an inferior anchor supporting your tower.
It is not that hard to install a new one.
> Hans - N2JFS


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