[TowerTalk] Base equivalent

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 10 18:21:30 EST 2014

On 1/10/14 3:05 PM, Brian Amos wrote:
> As a foundation engineer my first thought is wow! I think that
> foundation is way over designed. My second thought is if you have water
> at 5 feet you may be better off having the backhoe guy bring a drill
> instead. A drilled pier would possibly give you more bang for your buck.

around here (Southern California) a lot more things with high moment 
(street lights, traffic signals, signs, etc.) are on drilled piers than 
"block o'concrete".

However, that's something that is "power tools required", and things 
sold into the ham market have traditionally been provided with designs 
that can be executed by a person with a shovel and a wheelbarrow as a 
sort of lowest common denominator.

> Really calling a local geotechnical engineering firm is your best bet. I
> do that sort analysis all the time. Someone familiar with the soil at
> your location will know exactly what you need. And a couple hundred
> dollars is about the right price point. You may even be able to save
> enough on construction costs that you come out ahead.

And they'll probably know who to hire for the crane to put the tower on 
the pier when you're done, too.

>  The depth is likely a frost protection method
> more than anything.

Interesting.. I hadn't thought about that (Southern California again), 
and that kind of oversight is why I'm NOT a Civil Engineer, but an 

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