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Of course it does not calculate your structure's limitations or the antenna 
survivability.  It is a nice tool for free, but it only works with  their 2" 
and 3" 4130 masts.  If you have a different diameter, different wall 
thickness or use 1026 steel or 6061 aluminum this will not work.

John KK9A

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I just tried the tool with my antennas. Be carefull! Apparently the calcs 
don't tell you anything about your tower's limitations. The calcs merely say 
that the DXE MAST will or will not fail at the given wind speeds; they tell 
you nothing about the survivability of the tower. In other words, a big load 
may survive on a 3 inch DXE mast, but it might bring down a stack of Rohn 25 
or a light-duty self-supporter.
    Caveat Amateur!

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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DX Engineering just put a nice little utility on their website to calculate 
loads on a tower mast. It's pretty handy when trying to figure out what 
antennas a mast pipe can handle.


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