[TowerTalk] Idea for tower base. Comments please!

Richard Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sun Jan 12 13:43:30 EST 2014

>> I just wonder if, instead of digging big or small holes in the ground 
>> and
>> filling them with concrete, it would be possible to drill down a 
>> number of
>> screw anchors (minimum 4) and make a base of e few (minimum 2) I-beams
>> holding on to the anchors.Then attach the tower to this I-beam 
>> construction.

It would be much easier to dispense with the I-beams and just connect
the screw anchors to the bottom section of the tower with short guy
wires.  This could be considered to be a quasi-self supporting tower.
The idea being, you may not have room for conventional guys, but you
might have room to go out 10 feet or so.

Rick N6RK

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