[TowerTalk] Drain Pipe Passing Thru Tower Foundation

John Lemay john at carltonhouse.eclipse.co.uk
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The answer to your question is neither !

No need to relocate the drain, but don't pour concrete directly around it
either. What you should do is surround the exposed pipe with a firm but
compressible material, and then pour the concrete. The material could be a
dense foam for instance. Alternatively get a piece of larger plastic pipe,
split it lengthways and place it around your drain with some spacers.

The intention is to isolate the drain from small movements in your concrete
base. Also, if you need to replace the drain at a later date, it will be
much easier.

This is what I would do in a domestic situation. I'm assuming your building
codes in the US don't have a specific requirement.

John G4ZTR

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I'm installing a base foundation for a US Towers HDX-555. The base will be
5' X 5' X 7.25' per specs. The rebar will be per specs. Concrete will be
4000psi in 28 days. The soil is moist, very firm, and no water is seeping
into the hole. After excavation began, I found a 6" white PVC drain pipe
(rainwater run-off drainage, not sewer) that runs across one corner. The
drain pipe is about 1.5' below grade and runs at about a 30-degree angle
across one corner. Total length of pipe exposed (in the base foundation) is
about 4'. The rebar "cage" can be built per specs around the pipe. The pipe
can be relocated, but it will require considerable extra digging and the
soil around the affected corner will no longer be undisturbed. 

Should I relocate the drain pipe or pour concrete around it?

Marsh, KA5M


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