[TowerTalk] Drain Pipe Passing Thru Tower Foundation

Marsh Stewart marsh at ka5m.net
Wed Jan 15 18:05:12 EST 2014

Thanks to all who replied. 

In the end I decided to reroute the drain pipe around the foundation.
Probably it would have been okay just to "cushion" the pipe to allow for
some movement, but for the relatively small additional cost for labor and
materials I decided to just get this issue off the table and move on.

Marsh, KA5M

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I'm installing a base foundation for a US Towers HDX-555. The base will be
5' X 5' X 7.25' per specs. The rebar will be per specs. Concrete will be
4000psi in 28 days. The soil is moist, very firm, and no water is seeping
into the hole. After excavation began, I found a 6" white PVC drain pipe
(rainwater run-off drainage, not sewer) that runs across one corner. The
drain pipe is about 1.5' below grade and runs at about a 30-degree angle
across one corner. Total length of pipe exposed (in the base foundation) is
about 4'. The rebar "cage" can be built per specs around the pipe. The pipe
can be relocated, but it will require considerable extra digging and the
soil around the affected corner will no longer be undisturbed. 

Should I relocate the drain pipe or pour concrete around it?

Marsh, KA5M


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