[TowerTalk] Tower Foundation (was Concrete Prices)

Mike VE3YF Mike at ve3yf.com
Fri Jan 17 06:24:43 EST 2014


I like your idea...

Tack weld the bolts together with #3 rebar when attached to the base 
so they don't move when set without the base to make concrete work easier.

This is what I am planning to do in my new tower base. I will tack 
weld the anchor bolts at 2 horizontal levels for a total of 4 extra 
#4 rebar sections and then also tack weld the #4 rebar to the cage 
which is also made of #4 Horizontal sections and the vertical rebar 
is #8. This way I can take the tower base off the anchor bolts after 
concrete is poured, this will allow to trowel the complete tower 
base. Previously I had to leave the tower base plate in place and it 
made it hard to trowel under it and it always looked like a poor job. 
Also has a benefit of extra protection of not allowing the bolts to 
turn inside the concrete even though the nuts etc should stop this 
from happening.

73 De Mike


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