[TowerTalk] Looking for M/F 8 pin connectors for rotor

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 18 15:10:45 EST 2014

On 1/18/14 11:28 AM, r miles wrote:
> Need m/f 8 pin rotor cable connectors. Similiar to Cinch/Jones. For ease
> in erecting new tower. Not found any searching. Need someone to point me
> in the proper direction.

Does it need to mate with something special, or are you looking for a 
generalized solution?

PowerPole connectors are fairly rugged and can be ganged up in two 
dimensions to make a fairly good sized connector.  If you've already got 
a box of them to do 12V wiring, then you're all set.

Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC) are inexpensive, rugged, and work 
well.  They're the plastic equivalent of the round MIL connectors. 
Available in countless pin/contact configurations. Pins/Contacts run 
about 0.50 each, the shells are about $3-5.

   Get the little tool to allow removing contacts (It's a just the right 
sized tube of metal to push the locking tabs back in)

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