[TowerTalk] Tower Base Removal

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sat Jan 18 18:11:04 EST 2014

On 1/18/2014 2:49 AM, Mike VE3YF wrote:

> A wealth of information here. I will be contacting Dexpan on Monday and
> will order 2 boxes of their product. I will still use the hired help to

The vendor says the concrete must have room to expand.
This sounds exactly like what you don't have with a
tower base poured in undisturbed earth.  Your concrete
has no rebar, but in the general case with rebar, this
magic stuff would certainly help, but it is unclear
how you would get the broken pieces (still attached by
rebar) out of the hole.  Even without rebar, I don't
see how you get a hold of the pieces to lift them out.
Good luck.

Rick N6RK

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