[TowerTalk] hosting a commercial service on my tower

Ron W8RJL youngron at verizon.net
Wed Jan 22 01:39:11 EST 2014

Subject: [TowerTalk] hosting a commercial service on my tower

My cousin was approached about a cell tower on his farm in Ohio quite a few 
years ago. A hell of a deal but he coud not make a decision because he was 
worried the radiation might hurt his kids (farmer with no RF knowledge), by 
the time he talked to me at a family reunion and was asured it was a great 
deal, the company had already contracted with another Ohio farmer. Do your 
homework but don't delay, they may have other options. My cousin could have 
put all his kids through college plus had free cell service had he known it 
was safe and had signed the good contract they offered including putting in 
a gravel road, installing a 200 foot tower on the back of his farm with 
shelter, fence and would remov everything after 20 years if not renewed.


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>> Subject: [TowerTalk] hosting a commercial service on my tower
>> Today a commercial wireless ISP approached me about placing a group of
>> antennas on my tower and a "small" building at the base. In exchange, 
>> they
>> offered free installation of a fiber optic cable down my 1100-foot 
>> driveway
>> and free high-speed internet service (for comparison, Comcast quoted 
>> $3,500
>> for the cable run and $50-$70 per month for service.) Right now we have 3
>> mbps DSL and it's not adequate for our needs.

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