[TowerTalk] [Tower Talk] Anti-climbing technology

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
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I like it.   I might even go so far as 1,000,000 Ohms!
One wag put up signs around the periphery of his quarter section (160 acres) to deter trespassing.  
They read, “Caution, intense intermittent photonic radiation, exposure known to cause cancer.”
A mom overheard her son and a neighbor kid talking about it, had the boys show her the signs, and then called the sheriff's office who sent a deputy out to talk to the land owner.  It seems the photonic radiation was sunlight and the intermittent nature was day and night cycle.  Exposure to sun light can cause cancer. The story got as little confused at this point but the deputy took no action relative to the land owner or the signs. The way I heard it the deputy told the mom that there was no dangerous radiation leaving the property,

Patrick NJ5G
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  A humorous anti-climb tactic was done by a local ham... he put a sign on his tower that read:

500,000 ohms

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