[TowerTalk] Anyone use a 120' qso king?

Jim in Waco WB5OXQ wb5oxq_1 at grandecom.net
Wed Jan 22 19:26:01 EST 2014

I am considering trying the 120' qso king end fed antenna for multiband use.  I really dont needed it on 20,15, or 10.  Maybe 6?
I have a 50' 25g with a triband beam on top and a 30' 25g 128' away.  This will have the wire running north to south so the side will be east/west.
If I were to use one should I mount the main end at 30' so the wire will be level?
If I mount the main end at 45' the wire will slope gradually down, low at the soutn end  will this cause poor pattern to the north?  Or will it behave like a dipole and be broad sided anyway.  I cannot feed the low end because that is 130' away from the shack and the high end only 25'
I hope someone here has some experience with this type of antenna especially on the lower bands 160-40. 
There is a good ground available at the shack end 3 30' burried bare copper wire clamped to the tower legs.  There is no room for longer radials but several more could be added.  Each radial is terminated by a 6' ground rod.  I tried a inverted l but it was extremely narrowband and needed more long radials for the lowest bands.

WB5OXQ, Jim in Waco, TX.

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