[TowerTalk] hosting a commercial service on my tower

Bill Ogden ogden at us.ibm.com
Thu Jan 23 10:05:25 EST 2014

My suggestion: If you are in a small community, go talk with the planning 
board.  Many planning boards have a "workshop session" that is separate 
from the formal meeting.  Before going, obtain an accurate description of 
the company that wants to use the tower. They may be agreeable if it is a 
small local company that wants to extend their coverage a bit. Explain 
what you get from it: free broadband connection.

Planning boards in smaller communities are just plain people who volunteer 
their time. (It costs me two evenings every month.) If there is any 
resistance from the board, forget the idea. However, they may say it is a 
great idea because it avoids having another tower somewhere else.

If you are in a larger community (in terms of local government), forget 
it.  They will have no choice but to run you through the wringer.


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