[TowerTalk] Anyone use a 120' qso king?

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Thu Jan 23 15:12:17 EST 2014

Why is this important?  My 60 radials per vertical in my 80m 4-square are
buried a couple of inches below the surface and I consider that grounded.
Also where the radials cross each other I did not bond them together.  So
how many db have I supposedly lost?


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It is important that the ends are not grounded.

Some would argue that putting ground rods at the end of radials doesn't 
really help.  In most cases you can do well, perhaps better with #12 or 
#14 THHN insulated wire laying on the ground.  You will only then need 
about 90-100 feet for each radial due to the velocity factor of the wire 
itself.  If you run out of space due to your lot size you can run the 
ends at right angles. It is important that the ends are not grounded. 
IMHO what you are trying to do is cause the ground system currents to 
travel in those wires rather than being dissipated in the earth thus 
improving the system efficiency.    You can pin the wires down with 
large galvanized nails, , pounded into the ground after a single turn 
around them. (U clips are also available by the hundred lot from 
DX-Engineering) Normally after two weeks the sod will cover them and 
they will be invisible and allow the lawn mower to pass over without a snag.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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