[TowerTalk] Need to communicate with the sysop/moderstor for TT.

David Robbins k1ttt at arrl.net
Sat Jan 25 07:14:13 EST 2014

It could be from someone who is on the reflector that got a virus or even
just some spammer impersonating the from/reply address.  There are lots of
ways to send email where you can put in any 'from' address you would like
making an email look like it came from anyone.  Without careful examination
of the raw headers and some knowledge of how to track ip addresses you
wouldn't be able to tell who actually sent the email.

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Would the moderator for TT please contact me.  I think TT may have been
hacked as I have received email marked as having come from TT but think it
is very unlikely to be legitimate as it was seminude pictures of a young
lady and  requests for "getting together."


Patrick NJ5G


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