[TowerTalk] Need to communicate with the sysop/moderstor for TT.

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Sounds like you have gotten an education (lucky guy) and I checked the 
spelling of the word "guy".

I have received some similar mail over the past year, here's a couple things 
I learned:

CRAIGSLIST: They have trolling robots sending you an email "do you still 
have the item for sale", "when can I come see it", etc. They are trolling 
for you to answer them directly, now they have your email address, to which 
they (or other trolls) may send you other correspondence, nudies, etc. NEVER 
click on any of their sites (worms, trojans, virtual clap). JPG's and other 
photos can now have embedded scripts which install call-home or other 
spyware/virus junk on your PC.

TT and other reflectors: Same thing, especially if some other ham's email 
has been hijacked. As with the Craigslist stuff, clicking on an unknown 
source can be a kiss of death. I think it unlikely that TT got hacked, 
however it's very likely one of the users had their email addressed 
compromised, which results in their entire address book being compromised, 
and some poor soul on the list eventually clicks on some email or attachment 
which looks benign, but which is actually malignant.

I would strongly urge you to get the latest security updates, and do 
complete system scans of every PC on your home LAN. Use Microsoft Security 
Essentials, Malaware Bytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, C-Cleaner, etc....use 
multiple tools.

If you get any scary-looking warning messages which urge you to do an 
immediate online security scan, DO NOT do it. These jerks also will plant a 
"virus warning" which is actually a virus itself, and attempt to scare you 
into running more online stuff, which of course lets them know they have a 
live one, to whome they can further spread infection.

Suggest you download the latest security updates, then disconnect the PC's 
from the internet until you're sure you've scanned everything thoroughly.

I don't mean to alarm you, but about 6 months ago I had similar things 
happen, and by the time I realized I had a problem, my primary office PC was 
totally beyond repair. I spent several days trying to clean, but to no 
avail. I had to create a new partition, Format C:, and reinstall the OS then 
all my apps. Took forever and what a mess!

And I am totally paranoid about virii and computer security...you would not 
believe the security steps I take. However one lapse of attention probably 
did it to me, and I am afraid it was probably self-inflicted.

Have fun, but be careful...all your recent "new friends" may have left you a 
birthday or anniversary gift!


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The plot thickens... I received a solicitation from another (supposed young
lady but who knows) taking candid mostly unclothed selfies in front of a
bathroom mirror.  This time not  via TT but referencing Craigs list which I
seldom visit (once or twice a year and not lately and not related to
personal adds)

So why me? I'm 70, only slightly over weight, relatively heavily invested in
ham radio, and soon to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.

Sorry guys, what was I thinking?  I trashed the mails (including pix) so no
chance to investigate and report.  Darn!

I did send a copy to the abuse address at my ISP and got no response.

This was almost as much fun as doing a Google on Phillystran or Phillystran
guys  the aramid fiber guying material.  Since hits are said to be in order
of applicability I didn't read the synopsis and just clicked on the first or
one of the first hits.  It was a male homosexual site with plenty of
disgusting pix on the first page.
Maybe I misspelled it or ...  Anyway when I go for Phillystran now I get the
non-conductive guy material not Guy material.

Bottom line is that as was suggested, TT was probably not hacked but... if
some tart was using TT wouldn't others get solicitations?

Patrick NJ5G

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On 1/24/2014 8:16 PM, K0DAN wrote:
> True, but in some circles that would be considered a "good lead"!
   True.  I hadn't thought of it in that light. Every thing is relative.


Roger (K8RI)

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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Need to communicate with the sysop/moderstor for 
> TT.
> On 1/24/2014 7:13 PM, K0DAN wrote:
>> Plus I'm sure there's plenty of guys on the list who will analyze the 
>> pictures you just got, plus give you a full report in the morning...
> ;-) Probably just a hopeful trying to make a buck.  Apparently not
> knowing the average ham demographic. Poor, old, and over weight.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)

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