[TowerTalk] Amphenol 83-1SP VS. RFX response DAVIS RF

Stephen Davis sdavis at davisrf.com
Sat Jan 25 18:12:11 EST 2014

Hi Guys, 

83-1SP is the top of line, aged old, Amphenol PL 259. SIlver body, pin and barrel, but one key point is that it uses Teflon dielectric.  Teflon is the best connector dielectric in terms of its high 
resistance to soldering heat as well as its durometer (related to density) is best for moisture resistance.  However, as you all know, moisture in connectors is a no-no, so sealing the connector from the cable and up over and on to the SO 239 (over the SO 239 threads) is paramount.  Lot of historical advice on TT for sealing.  Just be sure to go over what you use for sealer with a highly UV resistant tape as the last outer coat  .  All of this relative to outdoor use.

  The RFX version of 83-1SP is less expensive plating (nickel) and uses the less expensive phenolic dielectric which can be big problems when a little too much heat is used in soldering. 
Key words with any connectors:  avoid phenolic.  Silver plating is excellent but either one, moisture protection is a must.  

You don't need to spend the extra $ for Amphenol for excellent mechanical and electrical integrity.  RF Indusrtries provides excellent connectors which I have sold and used for over 25 years without a hitch.  They are made in Taiwan by a well QC'd mfr. vs. any I know of from  mainland China.   I am fairly sure that  production of Amphenol 83-1SP''s 
are built in France, Mexico, and USA. I will check on that Monday and if incorrect I will let you know.

Cheers,  Steve Davis   K1PEK
Davis Rope and Cable Assembly Co.   

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